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  • Simple System Setup - April 17, 2017

    Often times an application will call for connecting and controlling more than one mass flow meter or controller, but not so many that a more complex PLC based digital communication system using Modbus, Profibus, or DeviceNet is desired. FLOW-BUS is a field bus, designed by Bronkhorst, based on RS485.. LEARN MORE >

  • Powerful, FREE Software - March 13, 2017

    Using digital communications allows the external software to access parameters such as measurement, setpoint, control output, totalized value, and on our Coriolis instruments density, temperature, and sensor frequency. Bronkhorst® developed a suite of software tools that are designed for easy operation,.. LEARN MORE >

  • Accuracy & Repeatability - March 13, 2017

    What is accuracy of a mass flow meter, what is repeatability of a mass flow meter, and what difference does the difference make? First let's define the terms. Accuracy of a mass flow meter is the expression of error (%) as compared to a primary standard. In practical terms it is the degree to which the.. LEARN MORE >

  • Coriolis Guidance - March 13, 2017

    CoriCalc on the Net from Bronkhorst provides advice and information to assist in selection of the correct Coriolis mass flow meter or controller for your application. This powerful instrument sizing and calculation tool for Bronkhorst Coriolis instruments is integrated as part of our Fluidat on the Net and.. LEARN MORE >

  • PID in an MFC - March 08, 2017

    PID in an MFC A mass flow controller (MFC) is a compact instrument that does the jobs of three devices: it measures the flow, it provides a control output signal from a PID control algorithm, and it also has the final control element (the control valve). Because the needs of each application is different.. LEARN MORE >