March 13, 2017

Coriolis Guidance

CoriCalc on the Net from Bronkhorst provides advice and information to assist in selection of the correct Coriolis mass flow meter or controller for your application.

This powerful instrument sizing and calculation tool for Bronkhorst Coriolis instruments is integrated as part of our Fluidat on the Net and is available for your use.

The CoriCalc tool allows you to:

  • Calculate pressure drop across mini CORI-FLOW™ and CORI-FLOW instruments
  • Identify valve orifice size for Bronkhorst and other (special) valves
  • Provide density, viscosity and phase of fluid (if available in FLUIDAT®)
  • Get recommendation for up to 2 sensors and 3 valves as options
  • Overview total errors and pressure drops at several flow rates for selected instrument
  • Graphically represent total error (trumpet style curves)
  • Printout calculation, overview and advice screen

If you are not yet registered for Fluidat on the Net you may do so by going to clicking here.

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